Apr 18, 2021
34 Incredible Before-and-after Exterior Home Remodels

Some historians attribute the series of occasions of resistance and crackdown to the socio-political context of the two conflicts involving King Kertajaya and the Brahmin class. The first is the policy of King Kertajaya who tried to cut back numerous rights from the Brahmana class. Some folklore shows that King Kertajaya wished to be “worshiped” by the Brahmins in order that it was opposite to the spiritual teachings of the Brahmins. The second is the kidnapping of Ken Dedes by Tunggul Ametung, akuwu (equivalent to sub-district head) for the Tumapel region. According to Blasius Suprapto, the placement of Tumapel itself was in an area previously known as Kutobedah . The implication of the 2 conflicts was the withdrawal of political assist from the Brahmana class towards Raja Kertajaya.

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